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  • Working Capital Reimagined

    Finance the Supply Chain with Predictive Analytics

Why Flowcast

Flowcast dramatically improves working capital and financing along the supply chain. Our Analytics-as-a-Service platform enables funders to efficiently inject liquidity at every stage along the supply chain.

Flowcast for Funders

We provide funders with a rich layer of visualization and actionable insights to power financing programs along the supply chain

Increase Loan Capacity

Reduce Loan-Loss Ratio

Streamline Resources

  • Accounts Receivable Financing

    Enhance underwriting process using machine learning to bring higher prediction accuracy of risks

    Reduce loan-loss ratio by actively monitoring obligors' delinquency and default risks

  • Supply Chain Financing

    Automate risk assessment to scale loan capacity

    Accurately predict repayment schedule to establish capital reserves

  • Purchase Order Financing

    Intelligent underwriting model based on transaction performance rather than credit

    Accurately predict repayment schedule to establish capital reserves

Flowcast for Corporations

Flowcast empowers finance organizations with new ways to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), optimize collection efforts, and enhance cash flow forecasting. Our machine learning algorithm can find patterns in customer behaviors from years and months of transaction records that can result in true cash opportunities.

Accounts Receivable

Anticipate payment delays

Detect invalid deductions

Accelerate cash collections

Accounts Payable

Anticipate early payments

Optimize dynamic discounting

Detect transaction anomalies

CFO / Treasury

Increase liquidity

Reduce financial costs

Decrease credit risk

Our Awesome Team

Ken So

Co-Founder & CEO

Winnie Cheng

Co-Founder & CTO

Vanyssa Lin

Business Development

Ben Auerbach

Data Scientist

Dewin Goh

Data Scientist

Leighton Smith

Advisor (VP Finance, Oracle)

Philip Stehlik

Advisor (Co-Founder, Taulia)

Tony Brown

Advisor (Principal, The Trade Advisory)

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Our mission is to redefine trade finance using data science. If we can build flying cars, we can transform a century old trade industry. If you're passionate and ready to get scrappy, we would love to meet you. New positions are constantly opening up. Send us an email at

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